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Leyla's Reasoning
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Leyla's Reasoning

Title: “Leyla’s Reasoning”
Author: Little Albatross (
Date: November 23, 2002
Distribution: XFMU. Anyone else, please ask.
Rating: PG (for death)
Spoilers: “Scary Monsters”
Category: Doggett & Reyes case file, character death, DSR mention, DRF
Summary: Agents Doggett and Reyes are on the road to Pennsylvania to
investigate the case from “Scary Monsters”, they are in the annoying company
of Agent Leyla Harrison.
Disclaimer: I do not own Agent John Doggett, Agent Monica Reyes, Diana
Fowley, and thankfully I don’t own Agent Leyla Harrison. I would say the Chris
Carter owns them, but I’d rather not because he really didn’t do anything with
them. Doggett and Reyes belong to the wonderful writers of season 8 and 9 who
brought character to them. Leyla Harrison belongs to Frank Spotnitz. Mulder
and Scully belong to Chris Carter, Ten-Thirteen Productions and 20th Centure
Author’s Note: After watching the season 9 episode “Scary Monsters”, I
thought of another way to kill off Agetnt Leyla Harrison. And take this as your
one and final warning: I don’t like Agent Leyla Harrison. She was an annoying
little shipper and I can’t stand her. If you in any way, shape or form like her, you
will not like this story. And frankly, I don’t care what you think because this is
my fan fic, so don’t think you can flame me for my work. I don’t listen anyway.
With that, read on and enjoy…
It has been a long ride for our heroes, Agents Doggett and Reyes. They seem
irritated and ready to snap. The cause? Agent Leyla Harrison’s jibbering in the
back about Mulder and Scully.
“And you know what else Mulder and Scully have done?” Agent Harrison
continued to annoy.
“No, but I’m guessing you’ll tell us.” Agent Doggett answered, irritation rising
in his voice.
“Mulder and Scully have been in a space craft. A real UFO.” Agent Harrison
continued. “They have more experience on the x-files than the both of you.”
Doggett and Reyes share a look. They’ve had enough of Agent Harrison’s
“Agent Harrison, how ‘bout you give your mouth a rest for a while.” Agent
Doggett said “I think Agent Reyes has a headache, and I think I’m gettin’ a
“Oh Agent Doggett” Agent Harrison continued to add to his migrane. “It’s good
to know about the legendary agents that started the x-files.”
“Actually,” Agent Reyes started. “Agent Mulder founded the x-files with Agent
Diana Fowley.”
Agent Reyes looked back at Agent Harrison. The look on Harrison’s face was
classic. She seemed shocked, and personally offended. Doggett looked back in
the rear-view mirror to see why Agent Harrison was silent for the first time…
but probably not the last.
Monica turned back around in her seat to face forward. Doggett looks over and
smiles at her. Monica is about to laugh. Guess that mention of Diana Fowley
finally shut her up.
“I hate that Fowley woman.” Agent Harrison immaturely muttered from the
back seat.
Guess that mention of Diana Fowley didn’t shut her up for long. Monica and
John roll their eyes.
“She’s evil you know.” Agent Harrison continued about Diana Fowley.
Doggett and Monica share another look. Agent Doggett’s cell phone rings.
“Agent John Doggett.” Doggett said into his cell phone.
The voice from the other end was familiar, a pleasant voice to hear… a lucky
one at that.
“Where are you Agent Doggett?” Said Dana Scully through the phone.
“Agent Reyes and I are on our way to Pennsylvania to investigate that case that
Agent Harrison need our assistance on.” Doggett answered.
“Agent Doggett,” Dana said. “Could you put Agent Reyes on the phone?”
“Sure.” Doggett said. He looks over to Monica, holding out his cell phone to
her. “It’s Agent Scully. She said she needs to speak with you.”
Monica takes the phone.
“Yeah?” Monica says into the phone.
“Agent Reyes, I didn’t want to tell Agent Doggett this because I can tell he’s
about to loose his mind as it is.” Agent Scully said.
“What is it?” Monica asks.
“Agent Harrison lied to you guys. There is no case.” Dana said.
“What?!” Agent Reyes said, anger getting in her voice.
Doggett looks over, concerned. Monica looks at him, anger in her eyes. John
mouths off “What is it?”.
“Is that Agent Scully on the phone?” Leyla annoyingly asked.
“Thank you. I’ll be sure to let him know.” Reyes said. She hung up the phone.
“What the hell is it, Monica?” Doggett asked.
“You might want to pull over for this one.” Monica says.
“You know, Agent Scully is so smart.” Harrison jibbered on in the back.
“For cryin’ out loud, Monica! Just tell me. What did Agent Scully have to say?”
Doggett demands of Monica.
“Ok.” Monica says, letting out a sigh knowing that his temper is going to get the
best of him when he finds out what she has to say. “There is no case.”
Agent Harrison bites her lower lip in the back. Busted.
“Come again?” said Agent Doggett.
“Agent Harrison has lied to us. Dana just told me that there is no case.”
Doggett slams on the brakes, screeching to a halt. Harrison flies forward from
the backseat of the car, her head in between Agents Doggett and Reyes.
Doggett looks down at her, anger in his eyes.
“Why the hell did you lie to us?” Doggett demands of Agent Harrison.
“Well… I uh… well…” Agent Harrison doesn’t know how to tell them. “I just
wanted to spend time with you two. I think you would make a perfect couple,
and I have to show proof to all of my friends.”
“Oh for cryin’ out loud!” Doggett yells.
“Agent Harrison, this is a waste of the Bureau’s time and money.” Agent Reyes
“But I have to have proof. Then all my friends will think I’m great and
wonderful, and help me with my eating disorder, and praise me.” Leyla said.
“John and I are friends. Why can’t you pestering people get that through your
thick skulls.” Monica said.
“That’s what Mulder and Scully use to say too.” Agent Harrison said.
Doggett gives Monica a look, and then gets out of the car. Monica follows.
“I’ve had enough of this.” Doggett said, annoyed. “First she’s obsessed with the
idea of Mulder and Scully doin’ the wild thing… Now us?! I can’t take this!
Where does she get her delusions!?”
“Well John, you know Dana has feelings for you, and you for her.” Monica
answers. “She sees it as a threat to her precious Mulder and Scully. And you
know how well Agent Mulder and I would’ve hit it off if he weren’t such an
asshole all the time. The real Agent Mulder and I would’ve kicked it off great.
We’re a threat, so she has it in her head to have us in a relationship.”
“That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, Mon’. How can someone be that
stupid?” John asks.
“I don’t know, I think it’s a disease.”
Agent Harrison gets out of the car to join their conversation.
“Agent Doggett…” Harrison starts.
However, Agent Leyla Harrison can’t finish, for our heroes draw their guns and
shoot her at the same time. Agent Harrison falls to the ground. Blood oozes out
of her body and onto the asphalt.
“You hear that Agent Reyes?” John says.
“I don’t hear anything.” Monica answers.
“I know.” He smiles. “She’s finally quiet.”
Monica smiles back. They give her one last look. Head back into the car.
Doggett makes a U-turn and heads back to D.C., leaving Agent Harrison’s body
at it’s final resting place.
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