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Call Me Dana
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Call Me Dana

Title: "Call Me Dana"

Author: Little Albatross (

Dates: September 7, 2006

Distribution: We Shall Not Forget, and XFMU. Anyone else, please ask.

Rating: PG

Category: humor/fluff, Doggett, Doggett/Scully UST,

Timeline: Season 9

Episode References: 9x02 "Nothing Important Happened
Today II", 9x03 "Daemonicus"

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, I don't own it. All
X-Files characters belong to Chris Carter, Ten-
Thirteen Productions and 20th Century FOX

Summary: Doggett causes a commotion at the FBI
Halloween Party.

Author's Note: This is for the Suspicious Halloween
Challenge over at We Shall Not Forget. I hope you
enjoy my little story.



John Doggett closes his laptop computer and turns off
his office lamp. He's clocking out early today to
help Agent Dana Scully set up the FBI Halloween party
over at the Academy.

He tosses on his jacket and opens the door.

"You're clocking out early." Monica Reyes observes
from her desk.

"I'm off to help Agent Scully set up the Halloween

"I don't know why, but it sounds odd every time you
'Agent Scully' her." Monica smiles at him.

"Are you coming?" He's avoiding the topic she wants
to bring up.

"Of course." She replies. "I'm bringing a date too."

"Mr. Follmer?"


Doggett looks at her a moment. He thought for sure
she and Assistant Director Brad Follmer were seeing
each other.

"Who are you bringing?" He questions.

"Oh someone." She shrugs it off as nothing.

He looks at her, suspicious now. She's intrigued him.
Who would she bring to a Halloween party? As far as
he knows she's single.

"All right." He says. "I'll see you at the party."

"Don't forget to dress up." She looks up at him. "And
I don't mean coming to the party as a lawyer."

He smiles at her. He had joked earlier that day about
coming to the party as a lawyer in a suit and tie,
much like what he wears to the office everyday.

He doesn't acknowledge her comment and leaves.
8:30 PM

The FBI party is well underway. Dana Scully spots
John Doggett by the punch bowl. She smiles as she
sees his Halloween costume. She guesses he's either a
lawyer or FBI agent by how he's dressed. She on the
other hand is dressed as Rose from the film

"Who are you supposed to be, Agent Doggett?" Scully
walks up to him.

He turns to face her with a smile.

"I'm a lawyer."

"I guessed it was either that or an FBI agent." She
smiles. "Very original, Agent Doggett."

"And who are you supposed to be, Agent Scully?" He

Behind him, Monica Reyes, dressed as a gypsy woman,
listens in.

"You're outside the office, call her Dana." Monica

Doggett glances back at her for a brief second. She
seemed to have come out of nowhere. He returns his
attention to Scully.

"I'm Rose from 'Titanic'." Scully replies.

"That's one of my favorite movies." He replies, much
to her shock.

"You're kidding. I love 'Titanic'." She says with
much happiness. "I wouldn't have guessed it was one
of your favorites, I thought for sure it would be
some war movie, or a movie about a lawyer."

"I guess I'm full of surprises." He smiles at her
with a lopsided grin.

"Is this punch spiked?" Monica interrupts them.

"I hope not, I've been watching it." Doggett turns to
see her.

"Who would do such a thing at a work party?" Scully
questions, slightly offended that someone would spike
the punch she made.

She grabs a cup and pours herself some punch. Her
face turns to disappointment.

"You would think a Halloween party at the FBI would
be more responsible than this." She comments. "Who
would do such a thing."

"Skinner seems to be a bit off tonight..." Monica
comments. "Perhaps he did."

Scully considers this and nods her head.

"It is a possibility." Scully agrees. "Three years
ago he spiked the drinks at a Christmas party."

"So where's your date, Agent Reyes?" Doggett
questions, seeing that she is alone.

"He's over there." She points in the direction of a
man dressed as Superman. At the moment, this man's
back is to them.

Scully cocks her eyebrow as she checks out the tall,
massive man.

"Who's he?" Scully asks.

"Someone I met." Monica responds, keeping her

The man turns a bit to show them a profile shot.
Doggett's eyes bug and he quickly takes Monica by the
arm and drags her away from Scully.

Scully watches them with curiosity.

"What are you doing?" Monica asks.

"Do you know who that man is?" Doggett interrogates

"Yes." Monica responds.

"That's Knowle Rohrer."

"I know, John."

"Do you know what he is?" Doggett questions.

"Yes." She responds. "He's an agent with the
Department of Defense."

"He's a government Super Soldier." Doggett whispers

"And what, that means he can't love?"

Doggett looks at her for a couple seconds.

"You know..." He says. "I should've had you committed
when that room opened up a couple months back."

Monica gives him an annoyed look, just as Knowle
Rohrer comes over to them.

"Hey John." He says. "Haven't seen you in a while."

"Yeah, because the last time we met you tried to kill
me and then lost your head!" Doggett gives Monica a
dirty look and leans in to her. "Have you forgotten
that already, Monica?!"

"That was a different version." Monica explains.
"This one is nicer." She smiles at him innocently.

"You're crazy!" Doggett says. "I would've felt better
about this if you were dating Mr. Follmer, even
though he's a superior!"

Scully comes over to them.

"Agent Doggett..." She says calmly. "You're making a
scene and everyone is watching."

"Well, Monica's gone crazy!" Doggett exclaims.

"Yes, I see." Scully tries to calm him.

"I'm not crazy." Monica defends herself. "Though, I
will show a crazy side tonight." She winks at Knowle.

Doggett cringes.

"Ah! I can't know that!" Doggett shouts. "Agent
Scully, knock some sense into this woman."

"Call her Dana, we all know you want to. Stop making
your relationship with her so professional." Monica
comments. "You know how there's the Friend Zone,
well, there's also the Office Co-Worker Zone."

Doggett glares at her. She's actually taking the time
at this moment to bring up his feelings for Agent
Scully? She is out of her mind, especially with
everyone watching.

"Will you shut up!" He tries to whisper.

"John, how about you just calm down, have some punch
and relax." Knowle suggests.

"I can't drink the punch! Someone spiked it!" Doggett
yells at him. "And you!" He glares at Knowle. "Trying
to kill me, and then making your smooth moves with my
FBI partner? Where do you get off doing that?!"

"What, are you jealous?" Knowle smirks at him.

"No!" Doggett says.

"Would you be jealous if I hit on Dana..." Knowle
says as Doggett glares at him.

"No!" Doggett replies, obviously lying. "Go back to
where ever you came from!"

Doggett storms off. This is insanity and he's talking
to deaf hears.

Scully smiles at Knowle.

"I wouldn't mind if you hit on me." She smiles

"Dana..." Monica says, reminding her she's with him.

"Sorry." Scully says as she excuses herself to catch
up with Agent Doggett, who is making his way out of
the building.

"Agent Doggett..." She catches up with him.

"What?" Doggett stops walking to face her.

"What's gotten in to you?" Scully asks. "Are you
drugged? I know Mulder was drugged once. LSD was put
in his water and he-"

"I'm not drugged." He says calmer. She just compared
him to Mulder on LSD, he must seem ridiculous.

"Then what is it?" Scully questions with concern.

"I have bad luck." He says.

"Well, then..." Scully thinks, not sure what to say
to his comment. "Don't walk under a ladder with a
black cat."

She smiles innocently to him, hoping to cheer him up.

"What do you have bad luck with?" Scully asks.


"Me?" She cocks an eyebrow, not expecting that
response. "What do you mean?"

"I can't get over calling you 'Agent Scully' when I
would like to call you 'Dana'. But I can't call you
'Dana' because we work together."

"No we don't." Scully says.

He gives her a questioning look.

"I teach at Quantico. I don't work on X-Files any
more." Scully explains.

"But you always help with our cases." Doggett

"Ever think I wanted to help just to see you?" She
smiles at him.

"What about Agent Mulder?" Doggett asks.

"Oh please." Scully lets out. "He's on the run
looking for aliens or whatever." She looks into his
eyes. "I've developed feelings for you John. I don't
want to hide that anymore."

Doggett is speechless. He wasn't expecting this at

"Call me Dana, John." Scully says. "I won't mind at

"Ok." He smiles at her. "Dana."

"Are you calmer now?" Scully asks.


"Good." She smiles at him. "I worked hard on this
party, so I think we should go back in and enjoy it.
And who cares if Monica's lost her mind and dating a
Super Soldier, ok?"

Doggett nods and she takes hold of his hand, leading
him back to the Halloween party.

"Now, all we have to do is fix up your Halloween
costume." Scully says. "I've got fake blood in my

"I'm the devil's advocate. Isn't that scary enough?"
Doggett responds and Scully laughs. "And this is a
new shirt."

Scully looks up to him and gives him a small kiss on
the cheek as his lopsided grin reappears on his face.


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