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Future Lovers
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Future Lovers

She contemplated on walking through the door that led to a room filled with all too many familiar faces, Scully had to see John though. Being back in Washington and not being on the run anymore felt great. What would she say to him though? “Sorry about all those years back, John, I am back though and I need somewhere to stay?” That didn’t sound right to her but she was going to be telling the truth, she was back and no longer had her apartment; it was sold by her mother and then Scully was wired the money to turn in to Canadian bills.
Scully took a deep breath and walked through the loud sounds of people conversing on phones and at their desks, some turning around and staring at her as they noticed her presence and who she was. She stopped in her tracks a moment because she was having a hard time finding John, there were so many desks in here, she couldn’t believe that John was working in such an environment – he deserved promotion.
“Excuse me,” Dana began as she passed an unfamiliar face, “Can you tell me where Agent John Doggett is?”
The unfamiliar Agent pointed in the direction of the nearest window and then continued on passing her; Scully’s heart began to flutter once she realized that she was going to be in his presence again.
As she began making her way towards him, she ignored all of the people gossiping and staring; some even giving her looks of disgust. Scully hung her head low.
John hung up the phone and then brought his computer up from being on Stand by, sometimes it took a bit for it to loud back up; he swore sometimes that he wanted to throw it out the window.
“Hey John,” his friend behind him said, “Guess whose back?”
“Who?” John asked as he turned around to face his friend.
The man gestured with his eyes in the direction where Scully was walking from, John turned his chair around to follow it, and his mouth slightly parted. Dana Scully?
He slowly stood up from his chair as she stopped in front of him, giving him a small smile and looking away.
All John could do was stare at her for a moment and then he took a step forward to wrap his arms around her.
“What are you doing here?” he asked her.
The hug broke.
“I’m back.”
“At the FBI or just back in the Country?”
“Uh…” Scully looked around, noticing that his buddies were listening in on their conversation.
John noticed the uninvited attention as well and placed a hand on her right elbow, “Let’s go somewhere private.”
There weren’t many places that were considered very private but right now the lounge wasn’t crowded as usual, so they were given some personal space.
“How’d you get through security?” Doggett asked.
“Skinner…” Scully answered softly.
John nodded. Everything was extremely awkward.
“Where’s Mulder?” Doggett asked again.
“He’s not here.”
“Not here? Didn’t he come back with you?”
“No…I actually was the one that left. We aren’t having the best life right now and I missed my mother, plus I…I wanted to see you.”
She wanted to see me? Doggett thought.
“I know this is an extreme question at the moment but…I kind of need somewhere to stay, just until I can let my mother know that I’m back. I thought that maybe you could let me stay at your place for a day or so.”
Dana Scully sleeping in my house? Again he thought to himself, “Sure. Yes. Of course you can stay with me,” John answered with a smile and wrapped his arms around her.
“Thank you. I really wasn’t sure how you were going to react to that,” she placed her hands nervously in her brown coat’s pockets.
“You’re welcome and trust me, you can ask me anything you want and you’ll get an answer,” he smiled.
Her stomach always did twists and turns when he would smile at her like that, he always was so serious, so seeing him smile was highlights of her days.
“Look,” John reached in to his pockets, “I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be here and I know that you’re probably not going to be sticking around, you can head over to my place now if you like,” handing her the key to his front door.
Scully thanked him and they both shared a quick smile, John walked backwards towards the door as he kept his smile on her, turning around and then exiting the lounge.
Pulling up to John’s home, it felt all too familiar with her in the past; had it really been this long since she’s been here? She wondered if he kept up his home as well as he had in the past.
Scully walked up to the front door and put the key he gave her in the knob, unlocking it, and opening it; the all too familiar smell of John Doggett engulfed her senses. It was a mix almost like pine and amber but not as sweet, a perfect sent to describe him.
Closing the door behind her, she locked it, guessing that she would have to watch for John once he came home. But first she would walk around and see if there was anything new about his home, as in maybe another woman? Scully always thought that it would be possible if Monica and him got together for a small period of time. She knew that John was always “smitten” with her though; Scully never feared that John’s relationship with Monica would ever go that far. It was funny to Scully that she thought like this even when she was still in a relationship with Fox Mulder. She guessed that she was never exposed to many other men in the past but when she found John Doggett and learned to trust him, things sparked in her that she couldn’t even imagine. Sometimes when she would make love to Mulder, she often would think of John; wondering if he would touch her in the same ways or in different. Scully chuckled at her thoughts and shook her head; she was jumping to things that might not even be true anymore. Maybe John really didn’t feel the same way about her but how would she be able to tell? Would she ask or just wait for signs from him? But she always waited, never did anything herself, but now was a possible chance since she considered herself to be single.
After Dana once again became comfortable being in his home, she made herself a glass of ice water, and made her way up the stairs; this would REALLY show a sign if he was with another woman.
His room was just as clean as always, maybe a little bit of dust, but anyone could deal with that.
Nope, no sign of there ever being another woman in this room for a long time; Scully wondered how a man could go that long with out possibly having sex. She never got in to those questions about him and his ex wife before but now that she wasn’t working with him, it made her feel a bit naughty, wanting to know the things that turned him on. What she possibly did to his body that he also did to hers.
She felt a yawn coming on and sat her glass of water down, he wouldn’t mind if she took a quick nap on his bed; would he? Nah. She would be awake before he came home anyway and so Scully curled up on the far end of his bed and let her tiredness take over.
Oh Gosh, should I or shouldn’t I? John asked himself as he sat outside his home with a gift box in his hand that contained a beautiful short black dress.
He wanted to take Dana out as a welcome home present; he missed her so much and was so happy to have her back. He knew that her running off with Mulder so quickly with out a goodbye would haunt him forever. But was this going too far? Was buying a woman that he was never romantically involved with a beautiful dress just to take out to dinner?
It’s not that bad, it’s a heartwarming and friendly gesture, she shouldn’t mind. But what about the candles and roses? He thought to himself as he looked over at another bag that held a couple long white candles and Red and White Roses.
John had an idea to do something that he hadn’t done since he was with his wife, make her a nice warm hot bath with rose peddles along the edges of the tub. It always did it for his wife but Dana WASN’T his wife, it only felt like it.
He sat in his car contemplating his idea; John must have been sitting in front of his house for almost twenty minutes.
“Oh c’mon you big baby, just do it. Now or never,” he spoke out loud and grabbed the bag of roses and candles, along with the gift box in his hand.
Making his way up to his door, he remembered that he’d given Dana his key, how would he get in? But then he also remembered that he always had a key hidden underneath his Welcome mat in front of the door, he’d just use that to let himself in instead of knocking or ringing the bell.
He grabbed the key under the mat and let himself in, there was no sight of Dana, but he knew she was here because her car was in the front drive. Maybe she was upstairs? So he made his way upstairs and towards his room, he wanted to hide what he bought before she could see it but then –
What?! Dana is in my bed?! Is she asleep? Oh this is working out much better than I thought it would, John said in his mind.
He placed the gift box and bag of roses and candles in the master bathroom and then took off his coat, throwing it on the near by chair by his bed, and walking over to the far side of it to see if she was fast asleep.
She snored. Perfect.
“Dana,” John softly whispered in her ear, “Dana, wake up.”
“Hmmm…?” she groaned as she slowly opened her eyes and once she saw that John was standing next to her and remembering that she was in HIS bed, “Oh John – I mean, Doggett, Agent Doggett – I’m so sorry, I fell asleep and –“ she panicked as she stood up next to him.
John chuckled, “Don’t apologize, its fine.”
Dana fixed her clothing that ended up twisted around her abdomen and chest, “It was a long drive from Canada to Washington and then from Washington to Virginia. I should have known to get more sleep before I came down here.”
“Honestly,” John placed his hands on her shoulders, “I don’t mind at all, now let me tell you something before you get the wrong ideas,” he sat her back down on the bed as he sat down next to her, “I really want you to know that I am very happy to see you again and I know you’ve probably been through a lot that you might not want to tell me…” he trailed off, not sure if he should go on. Her eyes pleaded for him to finish though. “But I went out of my way to welcome you back, I thought you might need a way of relaxing, so I went ahead and made you a bath – and before you reject anything, it’s all out of friendship, nothing more. Just…Friendship.” He lied.
A small smile spread across her face, “You didn’t need to make me a bath, John.” But she sure liked it.
“Oh I know, that’s why I wanted to tell you how it was all in friendship because even though I did do this for my wife – it really did work on relaxation, so…I did it for you, too.”
Her heart was singing, no one has ever made her bath – besides her mother when she was a child but that doesn’t count, “That’s sweet, thank you.” Dana placed a hand on his.
John smiled at her, “You’re welcome,” and stood up, “I also did something else and it’s only because I don’t know what clothes you have with you. I wanted to take you out to one of my favorite places that I haven’t been to in a long time. It’s called the Black Tulip, have you been there before?”
Scully shook her head, “No but I heard it’s awfully expensive.”
He shrugged, “Well for a good friend, I don’t see a problem taking you.”
“What did you mean about what kind of clothes I have with me?”
Now he was nervous, would she freak out completely about the dress? “I got you a nice little – well not too little, it’s conservative, and –“
“John! Calm down,” Scully stood up now and took his hands, “I’m not going to bite your head off. This is very sweet, I am very thankful.”
Wow, she sure has changed, John thought.
After Dana took a bath in the beautiful setting that John had made up for her, she blew out the candles, and dried herself off. Wrapping the towel around her body she opened the box that contained a beautiful satin dress that flowed down to the middle of her knees, sleeveless, and contained little white gems across the bodice. She shook her head as she thought of all the trouble John went through just to make her happy and she felt like a Princess once she slipped on the dress. It wasn’t something she’d probably buy for herself but it was extremely beautiful enough for her to wear for one night.
John paced back and forth in his bedroom, he wasn’t sure if he should wait for her here or downstairs. He figured that it would be odd if she opened that door and he’d been standing there the whole time so he made his way downstairs, and before he even stepped off the bottom step –
He turned around and there she stood, his mouth a gap, and heart fluttering.
“You are so beautiful…” he paused, “I mean, you look – you look great.”
She smiled at him as she made her way down the steps, the smell of the bath bubbles flowing straight up through his nose; this was going to be a long night for him. How would he keep his hands of such an exquisite woman?
“I luckily had some black heels in the trunk of my car that I can throw on before we leave,” Scully spoke up.
“Shoes!” John slapped a hand on to his forehead, “I forgot! You women and your shoes, I’m sorry about that – I wanted to get home before it got too late.”
“Don’t worry,” she couldn’t help but laugh at how funny his reactions were, “The shoes I have will be just fine. But are you ready?” she looked him up and down. He clearly was but she didn’t know what to say.
“Yeah,” he fixed his tie, “I’m ready.”
“Well then let me grab my shoes in my trunk and we can go,” Scully smiled and began to walk towards the front door.
“Be still my beating heart,” John accidentally said out loud.
“What’s that?”
“Nothing. Let’s go,” he smiled and walked towards her, placing a hand on her back as he closed the door behind them.

“…and then I asked you if you thought it’d still be out there,” Scully laughed as they talked about cases they had worked on when they first started working together.
“Oh yeah, I just can’t believe that thing – man or what, was half bat!”
“It was probably the first time you’d ever experienced anything strange.”
“Trust me, I’ve seen strange but that was most definitely one of the MOST strange.”
They continued to laugh. They had just got done eating and decided that they would take a small walk in the near by park, it was a beautiful place to catch up on old times. Especially when there was a gorgeous water fountain that lit up the trees around them.
“Here, take my purse,” Scully said as she began to step up on the edge of the fountain, “I haven’t done this since I was a kid.”
John smiled as he watched her balance herself, he made sure that he stood close by though, just in case she fell – which she ended up getting one of her heels stuck in one of the bricks, he wrapped his arms around her lower body before she could fall backwards.
Dana grabbed on to his shoulders and then when she realized that she was safe with his arms, she giggled, realizing how young she felt.
Her hands moved to the back of his head, through his hair, his arms still wrapped around her lower body, close to the bottom of her dress. Both of them turned serious.
“I’ve never seen this side of you before, Dana…” John inquired as he lifted her down from the water fountain.
They were so close now, chest to chest, they could feel each other’s breath on their skin.
John brought his left hand up to touch the bottom of her chin, making her look up at him, her eyes were just as glassy as his. They must have had a little too much to drink.
“I want to kiss you now,” he blurted out.
She chuckled and lightly slapped a hand on his chest, “That makes you sound drunk.”
“No, I’m serious,” he held her tighter.
Both of them stood in silence for what seemed like ages, just staring in to each other’s eyes and feeling each other’s heart beat.
“Then do it…” Scully finally broke the silence in a soft whisper.
Neither of them heard the footsteps that were coming up behind them, their eyes were closing and just as John was about to place his lips on her’s –
“MULDER!” Scully screamed after John fell to the ground in a heap of pain.
Fox Mulder had been following them ever since Scully left Washington, he was furious; furious with how she tried to sneak out with out him knowing and for the person she snuck out with.
“MULDER, STOP! STOP!” Scully yelled at the top of her lungs as he continued to kick Doggett in the side, “I SAID STOP!” she suddenly pulled out a gun.
Mulder realized what she had in her hands and he turned to face her, “Oh come on, Dana, what are you going to do? Shoot me?”
“Don’t even tempt me,” she said through her teeth.
“Why are you doing this?!” Mulder began to argue.
“Doing what, Mulder?! Trying to have a life?!” she slowly brought down her gun.
“Do you honestly think that this man can make you happy?!” he walked towards her.
“Stay back, Mulder!” Scully brought her gun up again.
John finally got himself back up from the position he was in, holding the side of his stomach, walking towards Scully and placing a hand on the gun, bringing it down to her side, “Put it down, Dana.”
Tears filled Scully’s eyes, why was Mulder here and following her? “Get out of here, Mulder,” she handed the gun to John and began walking off.
Mulder’s eyes were dark and angry, as if piercing through John’s soul.
“You heard her, Mulder, you better get out of here.”
“And who are you to tell me what to do, huh?” Mulder began to argue with Doggett.
“This is your problem, Mulder, it always has been! Do you know what kind of life this woman has been living?!” he pointed in her direction, she was far from them now.
“It was her choice,” Mulder began to finally calm down, trying to walk in Dana’s direction.
“No!” John grabbed his arm, “Let her be! You’ve upset her enough! That’s why she’s here and not with you, now get out of here!” he pushed him.
Mulder stood where he was pushed for a few moments and then pushed John back, causing him to fall right in to the cold water of the fountain.
“You wait, Agent Doggett, you could never make her happy if you tried,” and Mulder disappeared in to the night.
John pulled his truck in to his driveway, they both sat in silence, listening to the crickets through the rolled down windows.
“Dana,” John began but was cut off.
“I’m fine,” Scully said and opened the door, sliding out on to the ground and towards her car.
“Dana!” Doggett cried and jumped out of his truck to follow her, “What are you doing?”
She threw her heels in to the trunk of her car, grabbing the keys in her purse, “Do you still have my gun?”
John reached in to his still soaking wet pocket, handing her rifle over, “Are you leaving?”
A small tear fell to the corner of her mouth as she made her way towards the driver’s side of her vehicle, “Mulder is so angry now.”
“What?” he asked confused, “You care what he thinks?” John ran to her.
“I care what he thinks and does to you, yes,” she turned to face him.
“I don’t care what he does to me, Dana, I want YOU,” he pulled her close, “Don’t let me lose you again,” his hands moved up the sides of her arms as he let her go.
“What did you say?” she asked in shock.
“I told you that I didn’t care what he did to me…,” pointing to his face that was slightly bleeding, “…and that I wanted you.”
Dana’s hand went up to touch the side of his face that contained his wound, “I had such a good time tonight.”
John grabbed her hand, “So did I and you leaving like this with out even having anywhere to go kills me,” he placed her hand on his chest.
Her hand massaged his chest with out her knowing, she stopped when she realized what was happening again, “Okay.”
“I won’t go.”
“Thank you,” he said relieved.
All Dana could do was give him a small smile and he began to guide her back up to his front door.
John left his soaking shoes outside on the front porch, figured they’d dry better out there, and opened the door so Scully could make her way in first. She placed her purse down and began to make her way towards the kitchen.
“Do you have any coffee?”
He nodded, “Yeah, it’s in the top cabinet above the coffee maker. Help yourself.”
Dana watched him as he made his way towards the stairs, she didn’t know how bad his injuries were; thought that she would let him settle in first before she would turn Doctor on him.
John sighed as he began to take off his wet clothing, grabbing a pair of black sweat pants and walking in to the bathroom, he turned on the light, and grabbed the First Aid Kit that he had underneath the sink.
His wound on his face wasn’t that bad, he remembered that it came from the fall. After Mulder pushed him away from Scully, he hit his face on the edge of the fountain.
“You okay?” Dana’s voice was softly heard from the bathroom door way.
He turned to look towards her, “Yeah, I’m fine.”
She walked towards him, “Let me take a look.” Her hands reached up to touch his face, examining the scrape on the side of his face, “You’re lucky that you didn’t hit your eye.”
“That’s what I said.”
“Do you have any butterfly bandages?”
“Yeah, in my First Aid Kit.”
Scully looked down at the sink where the kit lay and opened it, reaching for the Iodine first.
“Oh c’mon Dana, you don’t have to use that stuff; do you?”
“Only if you want to stop a possible infection from coming on,” she grabbed a cotton ball and squeezed the red liquid on to it, holding it up to dab Doggett on the face, “This might sting a little.”
“Thanks for the warning,” he chuckled and hissed as the Iodine met his wound.
“I’m sorry for what Mulder did,” she placed the cotton ball in the trash and then reached for a butterfly bandage to place on the deepest part of his wound.
“It’s not your fault, Dana, you don’t have to apologize. I don’t care what happens as long as I’m with you,” his hand met her wrist.
Dana flushed and moved her other hand down to touch his stomach, looking at his bruises, “He couldn’t kick any other spot, huh?” she slightly pressed her fingers around his bruise.
“He must have wanted to break a rib, that’s what I got out of it.”
“Well you don’t have a broken rib so that’s a good sign.”
“I probably would have though if you didn’t pull that gun out.”
“I couldn’t think of anything else to do to stop him. Once Mulder is on a rampage, he won’t stop.”
“You must be very special to him – well for him to go all out with following us and interrupting our evening.”
“I’ll get you some ice,” and she walked out of the bathroom.
John sighed, what was he doing wrong now? Everything was going so well when they were out, he almost kissed her! Kissed Dana Scully! What changed her mood so quickly?
He turned off the light in the bathroom and made his way towards the bedroom, about to walk out in to the hallway when Scully came walking in with a bag of ice. They almost ran in to each other, she slid her way passed him and he turned around to face her.
“Here,” Scully handed him the bag of ice, “You’ll want to keep this on it for a little while; it will keep it from swelling anymore than it already has.”
“Thank you,” he said softly and sat down on the edge of his bed, slowly placing the bag of ice on his skin.
The mood felt extremely awkward and Dana knew it was all her fault, why did Mulder have to appear out of no where like that? She felt so close, so wanted, and Mulder once again wrecked something special.
She couldn’t let this ruin the rest of the night, she had to let John know how she was feeling.
She sat down next to him.
“I think there’s a hole in this bag,” John spoke up as he showed it to Scully.
“Oh,” she stood up and took the bag, “Let me get you another one –“
“No…” he stood up and walked towards her, “What are you avoiding, Dana?”
Scully’s heart began to pound, the ice dripping down her arm, John reached for his garbage can and she dropped it in, placing it back down and walking closer to her.
Gulping, she slowly made small steps in the opposite direction he was making, Dana’s back hit the bedroom wall towards the door, and closed her eyes as he moved his way in.
John placed his body against her’s, pressing her closer to the wall, placing his hands on her hips and moving them up and down her thighs; pulling up the bottom of her dress as he did.
She didn’t want him to stop, this was what she had been dreaming about for some time now; knew that he was thinking the same. This was the farthest they’d gone and Dana wasn’t going to be the one to interrupt now.
His left hand moved along the inside of her thigh, moving down to her knee cap, and pulling her right leg up to rest on his hip. Now he began to move his hand on the outer side of her thigh, slowly tracing his fingers along the crease of her right cheek, quickly running the back of his hand along her center. She shivered and moved her hands down towards the string of his sweat pants, placing them inside and grabbing a hold of his pulsating erection. He groaned from the sensation of her hands and then grabbed both of her legs to wrap around him, pushing her up against the wall, hard.
Dana wasn’t sure if she could wait any longer, her body was crying out for a release from the teasing John was doing to her. His fingers pushed her panties to the side, opening her lips with his fingers and rolling his thumb over her clit. She bit her bottom lip and bucked against him.
When she reached her orgasm from his stimulation, she fell limp in his arms – that’s when he reached for the zipper on the back of her dress, quickly zipping it down and letting it fall to a heap around her ankles. His eyes skimmed over her black lace bra and panties, leaning down to kiss the mounds of breast tissue that hung over her push up.
Her hands reached down to caress the back of his head, running them through his hair; slightly moaning.
“So soft,” John whispered after he unclasped her bra to take her breasts in his hands.
“Here, please – please touch me here,” Dana pleaded as she placed her own hands on her center.
John would have loved to watch her pleasure herself but he didn’t know how long he could take it now, his erection was in need of it’s own release, so he slipped down her panties and his own pants; which he wasn’t wearing anything underneath them at all.
So once again he wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed her up against the wall, entering her in one strong slip; bouncing her up and down in his arms.
Their mouths met and began to dance with the deepening of his thrusts.
A photo that John had up on his wall of his murdered son, Luke, fell down but neither of them noticed.
She squeezed herself around him and began screaming his name as he pushed everything off the nearby desk and pushing her down on top of it – needing to be able to feel his thrusts better.
Dana began to move her hands down his back to his toned butt, wanting to push him in further but he was already in as far as he could go. So she then moved her hands to rub a spot that always got the men with her going, the soft spot between the penis and scrotum. He moaned and nibbled at the skin on her neck. Grabbing both of her hands and clasping them above her head, moving as fast as he could and blowing kisses over her breasts.
Sweat began to drip off of John’s body and on to her as he began focusing on her breasts with his mouth, taking in the taste of his own sweat as he did; circling one of her nipples in his teeth and squeezing the other with his right hand. She whimpered.
Their moans and groans filled the room and echoed through out the hallway, only getting louder as she felt his cream fill her; she was almost there herself so she squeezed herself around him one more time – knowing that would be what it took to make her climax.
Once she let out her guttural moan from her orgasm, John laid on top of her so they could both catch their breaths, and once they did, he carried her over to his bed, laying her on top of it as he spooned himself next to her.
“You’re alright, aren’t you?” John asked her as he moved his hand over her bare hip.
“I’m fine, just thinking if that coffee ever got done.”
He sat up right in bed and ran over to grab his pants on the floor, slipping them on and running out of the room.
Scully chuckled as she turned off the light and slipped underneath the covers, they smelled of the pine and amber smell she loved all too well.
When John returned, he slipped his pants back off, and slipped underneath the covers next to her; holding her close to him. Her hands held on to one of his as she pulled him closer.
“Can I tell you something?” he questioned.
“What did you think about me when we first met?”
She turned her body around so she could face him, now wrapping her arms around him, “You sparked my interest but I didn’t know how to trust you.”
“But you did.”
Dana nodded, “I did, and I never knew how strong I could trust someone since Mulder.”
John moved a strand of hair that stuck to her bottom lip, “Could you ever love me like Mulder?”
“I already do – even more,” a small smile appeared across her face.
His eyes filled up with tears from her loving him and he softly placed a kiss on her lips, holding her as if he would never let go, “Are you going to call your mother in the morning?”
“This doesn’t mean that I’ll never see you again, does it?”
Her right hand moved across the side of his face, “No. Not if you let me stay here.”
Doggett’s eyes widened, “Stay…here? You want to stay here with me?”
Scully nodded and he kissed her again, this time not as soft.

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