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D for Doggett
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D For Doggett

Title: "D for Doggett"
Author: Little Albatross (
Dates: November 28, 2003
Distribution: We Shall Not Forget, XFMU. Anyone else,
please ask.
Rating: G
Category: Doggett family fic
Timeline: pre-Doggett on The X-Files
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: If you recognize it, I don't own it. All
X-Files characters belong to Chris Carter, Ten-
Thirteen Productions and 20th Century FOX
Summary: Luke learns his alphabet!
Author's Note: I had been working on getting Cassie's
website (Addicted To Doggett) up and running and the
day I cam up with this, it was fanfic day! I was
putting up fanfic for the letter "D" when I suddenly
spouted out "D is for Doggett" in an overly excited
yelp! Then I got inspired to do this fanfic about
Luke learning his alphabet. It's amazing where
stories come from. I'd like to dedicate this story to
Cassie. Cassie, thanks for making me do the letter
"Daddy." Whispered Luke, trying to be quiet so he
won't wake his mom up.
John sleeps. Luke looks at his father, trying to be
as patient as a three-year-old can be.
"Daddy. Wake up." Luke whispered.
Luke shakes his father to wake him up.
"What time is?" John says, still groggy from his
He looks over at the clock: five o'clock in the
"Why are you up already?" John asks.
"Come on daddy." Luke says with excitement, trying to
pull John out of bed.
"Shh… you don't want to wake up mommy." John says.
Luke runs to the door as John sits up in bed getting
ready to follow him.
"Mom's awake…" Barbara says, still very tired. She
rolls over to face John.
"Sorry, Barb." John says.
"It's ok." She says with a smile.
John leans down and gives Barbara a good morning
"Daddy!" Luke loudly whispers from the doorway.
"I'm common'." John says as he gets out of bed and
follows his son down the stairs.
"What's so exciting?" John asks.
"I have to recite the alphabet today." Luke answers.
Luke sits down at the kitchen table. John gets two
bowls out of the cupboard followed by Captain Crunch
cereal. He fills both bowls up with the cereal and
gets the milk out and set it on the table.
"Can I have ice cream?" Luke asks.
"Not for breakfast." John says.
Barbara comes into the kitchen.
"But you let me have ice cream for breakfast
yesterday." Luke says.
Barbara looks over at John. John nervously eyes her,
she wasn't suppose to know about that.
"What did I tell you…" John says with a wink.
"Is daddy giving you ice cream for breakfast,
sweetie?" Barbara asks with a hint of amusement.
"No…" Luke says.
Barbara gives him a look.
"Yeah, he did." Luke says feeling guilty.
Barbara gives him a smile so he knows he's not in
"So you have to say your alphabet today?" John asks,
changing the subject so he won't be in trouble.
"Yep." Luke says as he takes a giant spoonful of
Captain Crunch cereal and tries to get it in his
"Let's hear it." John says.
"OK." Luke says. "A, B, C, E, F-"
"You forgot the letter D." John says.
"I did?" Luke asks.
"Yeah, it comes right after C." John says.
"So its: A, B, C, and D?" Luke asks.
"Yep." John says.
"Like D for Doggett!" Luke says.
"Yeah." John says with a smile. "For Doggett."
"Or D for Daddy!" Luke says.
John smiles.
"Try it again." John says.
"Ok. A, B, C, D for Doggett, E, F, G…" Luke continues
saying the alphabet.
Later that day, Barbara and Luke are in the car as
she drives him to his school.
"A, B, C, D for Doggett, E…" Luke sings his alphabet.
Every time he says "D" he follows it up with "D for
Doggett". Barbara smiles at him.
"What does L stand for?" Barbara asks.
"L is for Luke!" He says.
"What about-"
"M is for mommy, and D is for Doggett… or Daddy!"
Luke says with enthusiasm.
Barbara pulls up to his school. They get out of the
car and go inside.
In Luke's class, all the kids recited their alphabet.
Every time Luke recited his alphabet, he kept saying
"D for Doggett" after saying "D".
"Luke, I need you to say your alphabet with out
adding anything extra." Said Luke's teacher.
"But I've already done it." Luke says.
The teacher gives him a look. Luke doesn't seem
happy. He's already recited his alphabet.
"A, B, C, D for Doggett, E, F-"
"Luke, don't add anything extra." Luke's teacher is
getting irritated with him, she's trying to cover it.
"But D is for Doggett." Luke innocently says.
"I know it is, but I need you to recite your alphabet
with out adding anything extra." Luke's teacher says.
"I've done it twice already." Luke says, not wanting
to do it again.
"I need you to, Luke." His teacher demands.
Being the stubborn Doggett that he is, he stands in
his place, arms crossed, not going to recite it
That night…
"I already did it twice, why did I have to do it
again?" Luke asks his parents.
"It's ok, Luke." Barbara tells him.
"There's no reason to get upset." John assures Luke.
"I don't want to go back there again." Luke says.
"Everyone was mean to me after I didn't say it
"You know what, Luke?" Barbara says.
"What?" Luke says with a pout.
"What you did was a good way of learning your
Luke looks at her confused.
"This morning you couldn't remember where the letter
D went, and now because you remembered that D is for
Doggett, you could recite the entire alphabet
correctly." Barbara tells him with a smile.
"I did?" Luke says.
"Yeah, you did." John says giving Luke a pat on the
"I did, didn't I?!" Luke says with a smile, starting
to feel better.
John and Barbara smile at him, glad he's feeling
"Yes you did." Barbara says. "So don't worry about
going back to school tomorrow."
"Just tell the kids you were helping yourself to
learn the alphabet better." John says.
"Ok." Luke says.
"Ok." Barbara says. "It's time for bed now."
Luke gives her a smile and quickly runs up the stairs
to get ready for his restful night of sleeping. John
and Barbara lean back on the couch, exhausted from
calming Luke down. They look at each other and smile,
happy with the life they have together.
"Mommy! Daddy! I need your help!" Luke shouts from
John and Barbara let out a sigh and head up to help
Luke with whatever he needs. John takes Barbara's
hand as they head up the stairs.
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